My decision to abort - Part 3

Every day I cry. Sometimes for no good reason. I finally understand how it actually is not having control on your emotions. I'm actually getting tired of it.

What compounds my current mood is not having a partner to lean on right now, having to deal with being told that the father can't be with me, tired of listening to other peoples petty problems, well actually tired of the majority of humans all whilst second guessing my choice of abortion.

I'm tired of people asking how I am. How do you think I'm doing? And it's not their fault. They don't really have much to say so asking how I am is the only way they think to be comforting. It's amazing how you can get sick of a question fast. It's not that I purposely seem like I'm pushing people away. It's that my immediate circle of friends do not know what I'm going through. They can be supportive but there's a lot going on and I don't feel the need to share that with them.

Don't worry, I know I should get professional help, and I fully intend to because it's got to a point where it's beyond the help of friends. Right now, I feel like zoning out in my own way is what I need and being told how I should zone out is not what I need.