Hectic Life

Photo by  Ian Schneider  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

My June was hectic! I had a lot going on from belly dance practise for a performance at the end of the month and doing more magick. Seemed like I had quite a few people wanting to catch up with me and then I offered free readings and had over 40 to do! I really pushed myself to do so much in my life because I didn’t really feel like my work was giving me the best of attitudes.

13th July marks my anniversary day for dedicating myself as a witch. I still have so much to learn but I just didn’t realise how fast the year and a day turned. I haven’t figured out what I wanted to do as a self celebratory ritual but I think I will figure it out on the go – whatever comes naturally right? This anniversary coincides with a blood moon so lucky me! I think it will be a powerful night.

So many opportunities have been presenting themselves and I am so grateful the way my life has turned out. When I offered free readings, I realised that not everyone provides feedback and not everyone says thank you. I found this quite disappointing as I’m trying to learn and improve myself but to not say thank you, is just plain rude. I find that people can be impatient as well. Even when I said I would give a number and a day of the week I would have the reading done by, people would still message me. It was an eye opener to how to manage and deal with people as I want to make this into a business.

My belly dance performance was fun! I actually fell sick that day with a fever and felt a bit dizzy but I worked so hard for months to perform and I wasn’t going to miss it. The last time I performed was in high school and that was 17 years ago. I was quite nervous when I got on stage but when it was over, I felt so exhilarated! I was so proud of myself for pushing comfort zones and just going for it!

Tuesdays I still attend a group meditation and a lot of my messages have been to connect with my ancestors. I have so much work to do on this but since I keep getting repeated messages, I need to get on this! Wednesdays I have been filling with practise tarot nights and motivational magick with other witches. It has been great in getting me to perform magick more often because I don’t always make time for it.

I’ve been to quite a few gigs in June. Was quite magical in the sense of being free and listening to music with all these random people and sharing our love for that artist. I live for those experiences and don’t have any gigs until November now. So, I’m definitely just on the lookout to go to more unknown artists.

I also had my first live reading day with my medium skills. I have been doing a year course since August last year and didn’t know how I’d go doing readings for strangers. Sometimes I feel blocked and can’t always see loved ones crossed over or any guides. That day I had 9 spirits come through, both people and animals for 2 people I read for. It was just the confidence boost I needed to really propel me into the belief that I can do anything I set my mind to.

This month, I was offered to become a reader at the Muses of Mystery in Melbourne on Monday afternoons and it’s all very exciting! I was going to build up to that but it presented itself so I went for it! I am actually in the process of building my business and doing tarot reading at the same time. I eventually want to make this a full time job but at the moment, I will need to side hustle.

So my July was meant to be a rest month but I am finding that it might just be a lil bit hectic as I start my own business. Never actually dreamed of being my own boss but here I am, just going for it! When I figure out a website, business name and set up a way for people to pay or donate, then I shall advertise that so I can do readings for people. It’s an exciting time in my life and I didn’t know it would end up this way. Got to work hard to make this business a success!

Girls..... Pls

It's been a long time... I shouldn't have left you... Without a dope beat to step to... Ok, I'll stop singing Aaliyah and write this shiz. It has been a long time. Besides going emo and welcoming a new year, I don't really have much exciting news. I almost felt like moving back to Perth, that's how emo I was but I don't ever want to go back unless I have to.

I want to share with you a tale of my Singapore trip. So mum booked me a flight for tiger airways. I can't really complain because she paid for it. As I boarded the plane I realised how cramped we all were going to be. FML. Because I hate waiting, I was part of the final few to get on the plane. Shit, I had a window seat. I was one of those people that made the middle and aisle seat get up for me when they were already so comfortable. Sorry! But not sorry!! As I sit down, these two kids are chatting away. They don't know each other but hot English guy is trying to pick up less than average looking girl. So here I am eavesdropping on their conversation because well, I had no choice. Now the conversation makes me 1/ want to cut my ears off and 2/ reach for a gun and blow my brains out. Less than average looking girl most obviously is trying to impress hot English guy but no shit, she single handedly brings down the intelligence of the female population. Now, I wouldn't get so annoyed if she didn't seem like such an airhead but she made a point that she goes to UWA so she must be smart right? For those that don't know UWA is the most prestigious university in Western Australia.

So as less than average looking girl holds onto her Battle Royale book (also one of her topics of conversation), she gets asked a pretty standard question by hot English guy - "what do you do in your spare time?". Now, most people here might talk about sports, travelling and any other interesting hobby but what does less than average looking girl answer with? Parties. ............ Parties? Oh wait, she corrected herself and said "House parties". Wow! I guess every day after you finish the day from uni, you must party. Every waking moment must be partying. I wouldn't be so harsh if she had an additional answer but that was her final answer. Could you seriously look any more desperate and pathetic? I get it, people want to impress and attract the opposite sex. But if all you got going for you is parties, I mean house parties, is that really something worthwhile? I can't assume that hot English guy just wanted to get in her pants. I made an assumption that he wouldn't ask that question unless he was genuinely interested. As I listened to his reaction, I could hear in his voice that "oh! is that all?" Kind of tone.

Seriously, this girl was an idiot and reinforces the fact why I hate most people. Talk about anything besides house parties. Use your fucking brain! Don't make the female population loathe you for your inability to make men respect you because you come up with some lame answer in order to look cool. My gawd! My phone was on the verge of dying but I couldn't stand it any longer. I was either going to blow up and interrupt this sad conversation or use all power that was left on my phone and listen to music in order to drown it out. I opted for music. I mean, if you're trying to hook up on a cramped tiger airways flight where I didn't even have enough space to let my vagina breathe, then I can't say you're going for the best quality and I should really mind my own business.

Girls - if you really want to impress someone, please stop for just a moment and think about your answers. For goodness sake, just fucking take your time!! I will think you're an idiot otherwise.

Thank you!