My decision to abort - Part 7

I've been pretty normal before and after the procedure. Normal as in, I haven't had any anxiety like I thought I would and I feel like I'm returning to just being me. I'm not even emotional. After speaking with my mum and friend who have gone through the same experience, they mentioned that they didn't feel anything at all. It was more of something that needed to get done and something to not spend time thinking about. It gave me a good feeling knowing this.

One of my best friends accompanied me to the clinic. It was weird that a security guard was out the front because people still protest this sort of thing? We fond it odd in this day and age. The clinic was very coordinated and respectful. It was a very safe environment and I felt I had chosen a good place to have my abortion. My friend sat there and waited until the procedure was over which he said I was only gone for about 1 hour. On the day itself, I was more afraid about being under and it was in an instant I was in and out.

I've had light bleeding since and they told me it'll be like you're on your period with aches and pains. So far, I haven't had any feelings of sadness or guilt. I did see other women have exactly what the psychologist said. The sadness on their faces was something I thought would overwhelm me, but I felt nothing of the sort. I don't even have any feelings now towards it. I'm not sure if I'm going to feel this later on. My Oracle cards told me that I'm a strong person who is being tested. The most important message is that I will make it through and it's part of my transformation. There's an exciting journey waiting for me so I have to trust in that.