My freak out

So today I woke up from 4 hours sleep. I was freaking out since last night. Why was I freaking out do you ask? Well, lets just say I didn't know where I was, I was nervous about going to work and meeting everyone and I was afraid I'd get lost. I had built up all this anxiety for nothing.

The reality was: if I got lost I have my GPS on my phone, all the people are lovely at work and it wasn't like I was in a non-English speaking country as I could always ask for help.

Lucky for me the tram driver helped me, I did get lost but in doing so, I found some really nice churches - which was probably a sign to start going again because all I can hear is my godmother reminding me that I should - and my first day at work was positive and welcoming, so much so that I can see myself building back the happy life I need.

So, thank you Melbourne. Thanks for spawning some amazing people that helped ease my day just that little bit more.