It's been over a week

So I've been in Melbourne just a lil over a week. So far, the only thing that scares me is figuring out how to drive on tram tracks. Haven't got my car shipped over yet but that is the only thing that concerns me. Minor details hey? I felt that where I was sitting in the call centre was a lonely spot. I felt isolated and with that kicks in the boredom. I am glad to be moved into a seat where I can actually interact with people. Lets see what this week brings.

I am still not sleeping properly. Has nothing to do with time zones. Waking up at ridiculous times in the middle of the night is frustrating. It's cold here, and, I wake up sweating. It's so shit.

At first I lost my appetite because of how nervous I was, but now I can safely say I am eating correctly.

I still need to go shopping for furniture and make this place my own. That's pretty exciting. Fresh beginnings and being on my own really gives me the opportunity to create my own little world. I can't wait to be creative.

I have now learned that cigarette smoke gives me a headache. A lot of people in this call centre smokes and it now makes me nauseous. Never used to make me sick but I think it's sign to continue on a healthy lifestyle.

I have yet to research a swimming pool so I can actually get back into swimming. I need this to fill up my time after work.

I'm still settling in but I will get there. I really need my car so I can drive randomly and get lost in this new city. I can't survive without it. I actually thinks it's sad that I depend on it so much.

That's my update so far.... For anyone interested on how I am <3

Here is some graffiti artwork: