Day 327 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - What Does Understanding Oneself...

Photo by  Hal Gatewood  on  Unsplash

Lesson 327: What Does Understanding Oneself...

What does understanding oneself as one of One look like? All is revealed as particulate energy; all particulate swirling energy in the universe that is you, he, she, rock, table, spoon. All particulate swirling energy is swirling infinitely, always, without end.
— Sara Wiseman

Today we are to close our eyes halfway or even fully to understand this idea of “particulate” energy. What comes to mind when you are seeing this energy moving around? Do you see dimensions? Do you see electricity?

When I closed my eyes, it was almost like the matrix. I was viewing everything on this Earth with golden energy but flowing as if it was code. If every plant, tree, building, pencil, animal etc have a particulate energy, then aren’t we all encoded to something much larger than we can comprehend? Because when I was looking at this energy, it had a black background but everything was flowing golden light. If we are all One, then we are all made up of this same energy. For me, it just looked like some things looked like it was larger in energy than others.

It was interesting to view. What did you see?

Day 325 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - The Heart of Love...

Photo by  Timo Stern  on  Unsplash

Photo by Timo Stern on Unsplash

Lesson 325: The Heart of Love...

The heart of love isn’t about loving a specific person. It’s about loving all specific people, as One. You begin to open your heart when you love one person: a romantic partner, a child. But when you open your heart further into love, there is room for more than one.
— Sara Wiseman

Today we are to write a down list of every single person that you love and only stop when you truly cannot think of anyone else.

I personally don’t want to write this online, just because I don’t want to place my friends’ names online. I mean not that I would list their surnames but I know how some people are about privacy and because my name is readily available online, if they had someone bothering them, it could be traced. What I will do is make a mental note instead so that I give our my heart energy for those people. I mean, the whole point of the lesson is to see how much our hearts can love. There isn’t just room for one person but so many. I think this shows that if we can love everyone that touches our lives, why can’t we love each and every person on this world. If we are all One and connected through the Divine, we have the capability of loving everyone on this earth. So, why don’t we do it?

As I think about my loved ones, every time I think I’ve thought of everyone, someone else pops up and for different reasons. I think when I go to walk home, I’ll be thinking of more people along the way. I guess love can be infinite and we connect with much more people than we realise. I even thought of my singing teacher. I mean I don’t know him well but I love him for being able to teach me how to sing and that’s something I really appreciate.

Who are your loved ones?

Day 314 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - Our Dreams Do Not Arrive...

Photo by  Cody Black  on  Unsplash

Photo by Cody Black on Unsplash

Lesson 314: Our Dreams Do Not Arrive...

In today’s lesson, we are being taught that dreams aren’t always just to inform us. They are what makes our life as they are us whether we are in a sleeping state or waking state. If we think about last night’s sleep, how was it for you? And as part of these lessons, are you finding that you are having more vivid dreams.

I can safely say that I have not been having more vivid dreams lately. Sometimes I even ask for dreams and get none. I feel like my sleep is getting better. I was having a period of shit sleep, but that was understandable as I had more stress on my mind, due to being made redundant. I think when you have troubling times, even if you’re not thinking about it before you go to bed, can have impact on your sleep for sure. I will see how my week goes and see if more vivid dreams come about. Right now, all I can ask is to be shown more in my life.

Day 313 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - The Sleeping Dream...

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Lesson 313: The Sleeping Dream...

… and the waking dream are all as One. If we are one with the Universe with no separation of the layers within the Universe, all dreaming states are interweaved with each other are actually part of the One. Today we are to think about where we go when we sleep. It’s about recognising that we are all part of the Universe no matter what state we are in.

I sometimes don’t dream during sleep. In those states, I honestly believe my mind and body need rest and doesn’t want to feed my mind with anything that I may need to focus on.

On other occasions, I have vivid dreams and they are mostly related to what’s going on in my life. I believe I go to another plane or room in my mind, and the dreams are about letting answers come to me that need to be answered. Sometimes they aren’t direct answers but cryptic clues within the dream.

I can’t say I have any dreams of aspirations, or it’s just that I don’t remember them! I am currently trying to build the life I want to live, so I feel like having clues or future visions through my dreams might influence how I make my decisions, when I want to make those decisions in the now.

I would love to open myself up to more dreams though. I think most of the time my mind and body wants rest so I think my mind goes to a void, so that it isn’t being worked during a dream state. I guess in this way, being in a void is like being in the void of the Universe.

Day 306 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - What Should You Manifest?

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Lesson 306: What Should You Manifest?

The big question – what should you manifest? Does it really matter if you do nothing? Does it really matter if you try to manifest everything? In today’s lesson, we are being told that it’s all the same – whether you leave it up to the universe or you try and make it happen, it will come up in your path in it’s own time as part of your soul growth. We are to stop worrying if we are doing it right or wrong and to just let that notion go. We are asked to hold our heart of connection and remember as well as understand, that we are one of “One”. That’s all we need to remember today.

I mean when I am setting an intention with wanting to manifest something, I haven’t really asked for major things. I always want to have enough to eat and have a roof over my head. Basic things we need to live. I always want to have a job and be safe – just like anyone else really. I have asked for specific things and they have come in a timely manner, other times I don’t see results but then I think it’s all in Divine timing. I don’t actually worry if I’m manifesting things right or not. In fact, I just leave it up to the Divine. I know some things cannot be forced, so I don’t try so hard.

I understand that we are one of connection and that connection being “One”. If only everyone could understand this, then it would raise our vibration to a higher level. That would be so profound if that could occur. I can dream… but I can also do my part in trying to raise this vibration.