Day 327 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - What Does Understanding Oneself...

Photo by  Hal Gatewood  on  Unsplash

Lesson 327: What Does Understanding Oneself...

What does understanding oneself as one of One look like? All is revealed as particulate energy; all particulate swirling energy in the universe that is you, he, she, rock, table, spoon. All particulate swirling energy is swirling infinitely, always, without end.
— Sara Wiseman

Today we are to close our eyes halfway or even fully to understand this idea of “particulate” energy. What comes to mind when you are seeing this energy moving around? Do you see dimensions? Do you see electricity?

When I closed my eyes, it was almost like the matrix. I was viewing everything on this Earth with golden energy but flowing as if it was code. If every plant, tree, building, pencil, animal etc have a particulate energy, then aren’t we all encoded to something much larger than we can comprehend? Because when I was looking at this energy, it had a black background but everything was flowing golden light. If we are all One, then we are all made up of this same energy. For me, it just looked like some things looked like it was larger in energy than others.

It was interesting to view. What did you see?

Day 292 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - The Other Entities...

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Lesson 292: The Other Entities...

The other entities that cross path in our layers and levels of consciousness don’t have the human experience. They see all past, all future, all as energetic. They see contraction and expansion of energy, beyond particular experience.
— Sara Wiseman

Today we are to think about what an entity such as an ascended master, an angel, a guide etc would view the human experience. What would their thoughts be? Do you think they could handle being a human? Are there things that they would want to change?

I actually had a moment of guidance from some higher beings the other day. They were telling me that we tend to shroud this world with darkness upon darkness rather than shedding the light on situations. It’s something that sort of plagues the human experience but not for everyone. There are being here awakened and trying to spread the light and it’s about everyone being touched by this light. We don’t have to be negative but it’s like this vicious cycle that spreads throughout society. For example as a woman, there is so much standards when it comes to beauty – you aren’t skinny enough, you aren’t beautiful if you don’t wear this dress, if you don’t have a thigh gap, then you’re not sexy, if you don’t have a curvy booty than you’re not a real woman etc. Some may be over exaggerations but that’s an example of the negativity our society creates through unrealistic expectations we place on each other. Why can’t all women just be considered beautiful? Why do we have to comment on them at all?

Another message that was prevalent through my channelling was to do away with ego. Think about all the ego in the world. If we didn’t have this, what would the world be like? I think human ego is what tears us down. It’s our weakness. It stops us from having compassion. We are judgmental because we have ego. We don’t necessarily form connection because of ego. Those in power exercise ego that also controls us. I think any of those entities would want us to do away with ego because it doesn’t actually serve us. We should be doing much more to be kind and helpful towards one another. I think there can be such destructive behaviour with our ego and when we do away with it, it’s like the blinders will be off.

I think the human experience is a challenge that we place on ourselves. Whether or not an entity wants to understand or accept it, is a whole other question. I think they would want to spread light so people can awaken to themselves.

Day 229 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - Your Aura, or Energetic or Subtle Body...

Photo by  Amber Wolfe  on  Unsplash

Photo by Amber Wolfe on Unsplash

Lesson 229: Your Aura, or Energetic or Subtle Body...

Our aura and energy can be ours or expand to include others. The thought of “One” means that we merge with others – an intertwining flow of energy and auras at any given moment. Today we are to “merge, dance and play with everyone” in our energy and aura fields. This is how we expand and can drop boundaries.

My Friday consisted of having a day off work, doing a whole bunch of house work to move energy around in my home and went to dinner with friends. I personally place energy shields up so that I am not absorbing other people’s energy. Why do I do this? Because I have left myself open before and absorbed so much negative shit out there that I got physically ill. I think this exercise would work well if you are in a good environment, though I don’t recommend it when you’re surrounded by negativity or toxic environments. It is not pleasant to just pick up on other people’s issues, especially those that you can’t help. If you left yourself open to other people’s energy, you may pick up on a stranger’s challenges also and then you really can’t help them.

I know the lesson was to do this with everyone, but I really feel it should only be with those with good energy. There is no point absorbing something bad and drag yourself down if it can be avoided. It should be a lesson of just feeling good, spreading your energy out and taking in what’s good.

Day 227 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - How Are You One...

Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Lesson 227: How Are You One...

We are all made the same energetically. Down to our root core. Today we are notice the differences between ourselves and another. You will see there is no differences and essentially, we are all created the same… but realise that you know this already.

My Tuesday consisted of going for an ultrasound, watering my friends’ plants whilst she is on holiday, going to a book store, having a nap and going to meditation. I think I feel the most connection to those that are spiritual like myself. The people at meditation is whom I feel real connection with. We all are listening to the same directions in the meditation and we connect energy in that room. It’s amazing that we can share a journey together but our experiences are individual.

I think the oddest thought I have is that I could have easily have been born as someone else. I could have easily been one of my friends and them me. If we’re all energy, we could have easily been born into different bodies and lives. Depending on what you believe, that may just happen routinely over the years.

I guess the point of the lesson is that at the core and at conception, we are all truly the same. We are just energy cycling through a physical body and then we live for different experiences. Really, we’re all “One” from initial birth and think we’re separated based on our lives and experience. If we think about our core, we are the same and there’s no real denying that. We could connect a lot better if we had that understanding that we are more connected than we realise.

Day 189 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - The Group Energy in Electronica Leads to...

Photo by  Jehyun Sung  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jehyun Sung on Unsplash

Lesson 189: The Group Energy in Electronica Leads to...

When we use our online tools such as social media, there are times when we tap into a group energy because those people’s beliefs align with yours, or you go against the group thought and risk the opposing group view. In most part, you will most likely go with group thought as you would have most likely aligned yourself to groups and pages that you already like.  Today we are to think about how group thought impacts the way you are or if you more inclined to be your true self.

When it comes to certain interests of mine, I find that I am with the group thought in terms of our mentality. I find that my Facebook groups are exactly what I seek out and the general feeling of the group’s thought is quite similar to my own. Sure, we can have discussions that opens up different views but we have more common thought than not. I mean, why would you seek out groups or pages that didn’t really resonate with you?

I find that I am my true self most of the time. Those moments when I have opposing views are on news stories, things that pop up in my feed that may hurt others and when people don’t understand different aspects of spirituality. I do find that I like reading other people’s comments to gain some perspective of opinions. I tend to disagree with those people who try and force their beliefs onto others. Everyone has a opinion but it doesn’t mean you should try to convince someone to follow your view.

So, I guess I can be both – follow group thought whilst being myself and also not following group thought whilst still being myself. Where do you fit in?