Day 327 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - What Does Understanding Oneself...

Photo by  Hal Gatewood  on  Unsplash

Lesson 327: What Does Understanding Oneself...

What does understanding oneself as one of One look like? All is revealed as particulate energy; all particulate swirling energy in the universe that is you, he, she, rock, table, spoon. All particulate swirling energy is swirling infinitely, always, without end.
— Sara Wiseman

Today we are to close our eyes halfway or even fully to understand this idea of “particulate” energy. What comes to mind when you are seeing this energy moving around? Do you see dimensions? Do you see electricity?

When I closed my eyes, it was almost like the matrix. I was viewing everything on this Earth with golden energy but flowing as if it was code. If every plant, tree, building, pencil, animal etc have a particulate energy, then aren’t we all encoded to something much larger than we can comprehend? Because when I was looking at this energy, it had a black background but everything was flowing golden light. If we are all One, then we are all made up of this same energy. For me, it just looked like some things looked like it was larger in energy than others.

It was interesting to view. What did you see?