Day 325 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - The Heart of Love...

Photo by  Timo Stern  on  Unsplash

Photo by Timo Stern on Unsplash

Lesson 325: The Heart of Love...

The heart of love isn’t about loving a specific person. It’s about loving all specific people, as One. You begin to open your heart when you love one person: a romantic partner, a child. But when you open your heart further into love, there is room for more than one.
— Sara Wiseman

Today we are to write a down list of every single person that you love and only stop when you truly cannot think of anyone else.

I personally don’t want to write this online, just because I don’t want to place my friends’ names online. I mean not that I would list their surnames but I know how some people are about privacy and because my name is readily available online, if they had someone bothering them, it could be traced. What I will do is make a mental note instead so that I give our my heart energy for those people. I mean, the whole point of the lesson is to see how much our hearts can love. There isn’t just room for one person but so many. I think this shows that if we can love everyone that touches our lives, why can’t we love each and every person on this world. If we are all One and connected through the Divine, we have the capability of loving everyone on this earth. So, why don’t we do it?

As I think about my loved ones, every time I think I’ve thought of everyone, someone else pops up and for different reasons. I think when I go to walk home, I’ll be thinking of more people along the way. I guess love can be infinite and we connect with much more people than we realise. I even thought of my singing teacher. I mean I don’t know him well but I love him for being able to teach me how to sing and that’s something I really appreciate.

Who are your loved ones?

Day 325 - A Year to Clear - Raise the Vibration of Your Home

Photo by  Logan Nolin  on  Unsplash

Photo by Logan Nolin on Unsplash

Lesson 325: Raise the Vibration of Your Home

Today we are to raise the vibration in our homes by closing our eyes, breathing in and on every out breath to imagine our homes encased in a bubble of love and light. Do you notice a difference when you do this? How are you feeling?

I sometimes adopt this practise as I fall asleep. I ask the Divine to help protect my home by placing a nice protective light shield around my home. It makes my home feel safe. I adopted the same method in this lesson. I imagine a big ball of golden light around my home and that everything inside was safe. I am not currently home so I did this practise remotely. I still felt like it was making my home feel safe and loved. I do also have a warding spell for my home just for protection but the golden light makes it feel loved. I think when I enter today, it will feel like the energy is lifted.

How do you feel?