Goodbye Perth

It's sad that I must leave you, but, I feel it's time to experience something on my own. You have looked after me for so long and I know you will let me go and be my own person for awhile. I know you'll be happy for me to venture on my own and live in another space. You've watched me grow up. You've witnessed all the milestones. You know that only I, can make myself happy.

It's been nice knowing you. I've spent a good portion of my life with you and I've grown too comfortable with what you have offered me. I am excited to be pushed out of my comfort zone and be on my own.

I'm not sure if I'll make as many good friends in my new city. I'm not sure if I'll like my new city. The opportunity has presented itself so I am going to make no concrete decisions and take it as it comes.

Please remember all the great times we shared. I know I will.

I will always come back and visit. Hopefully you'll have some new traits and more things to offer, though do take care of yourself and prosper like I know you will.

You won't be able to bear witness to this chapter in my life but I'll try and keep you updated.

Don't be sad that I am leaving. Just be happy in the thought that I can work towards a better life for myself. I'm keeping positive and will learn as much as I can.

If I could hug you goodbye I would but all I can do is offer my love.

Goodbye Perth... You've been a great friend and thank you for getting me where I am today.

Love always LiLi