Day 326 - A Year to Clear - Bathe Your Home In Love

Lesson 326: Bathe Your Home In Love

Today we are to take some time to write a letter to our homes and just tell our home all the ways in which we love it. As we write the letter, imagine the words cleansing your home and just continue to bathe your home in love.

My letter:

To my home,

Thank you for continuously giving me shelter and a place to actually call home. You look after me every day and make sure that I am safe. I am grateful that I have somewhere to live when some people don’t. You always allow me to have good rest and sleep. Without you, I wouldn’t have some of the fondest memories with my friends or my cats. I love your uniqueness and the creaks are just part of your character. Your high ceilings make the home feel spacious, because if I didn’t have them, it would feel so cramped. Thanks for allowing me to sing and dance all the time with no one watching but you. Thanks for protecting me and allowing me to be myself.

Love Liana

Day 324 - A Year to Clear - Express Gratitude for Your Home

Photo by  Soroush Karimi  on  Unsplash

Lesson 324: Express Gratitude for Your Home

Today we are to express gratitude towards our homes. What works really well for your home. Did you ever write or do a blessing in your home when you moved in? We can appreciate so much for what’s right in front of us.

I am grateful that I have a roof over my head for starters. Without my home, I wouldn’t know what it’s like to have independence. I live by myself and made my home my own. My home is a reminder of me taking steps to be my own home owner all by myself. It’s nice to know what I can achieve on my own and it tests my strength. I love the high ceilings of my home. I love that it’s in a heritage building. I love its charm. I like that it looks a bit odd to. I am grateful that it stands for me to have cats in. I blessed my house with sage and warded it also for protection. I like that I practise my spirituality in there and the home allows it. I love the space to dance. I am grateful that it exists.

What are you grateful for in your home?

Day 250 - A Year to Clear - Should-Free Zone

Photo by  Alisa Anton  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Lesson 250: Should-Free Zone

Today we are to practise in our home a “should-free” zone. And if you like that, declare it as a “serious-free” zone also. Notice if the energy changes.

I actually didn’t spend much time in my home on Friday. I went to work, came home to feed my cats and went to a mate’s house to watch AFL and eat dinner. When I did get home, I thought to myself that I should probably catch up on my blogging but then I didn’t do it. I was too tired and just wanted to fall asleep to the TV. I ignored a task I should have done, just relaxed and went to bed. Even though this is like the most simplest example, I think sometimes the pressures we place on ourselves can be our downfall and causes us anxiety. I tell myself on occasion that the world won’t fall apart if I didn’t do this one task. Sure, I don’t want to completely procrastinate, but setting it aside for another time works too! Missing something one day is okay if you’re exhausted. It’s about remembering also what your mind and body needs and listening. Sometimes all you need to do is not much and go watch TV, go play that game or listen to some music. There is nothing wrong in implementing joy in your life as long as you’re responsible to pick up the task you put aside at another time.

So, remember to bring joy in your home. You don’t always have to bog yourself with all the duties that need to be done. Always take some time out for self.

Day 239 - A Year to Clear - A Happy Home

Photo by  bruce mars  on  Unsplash

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Lesson 239: A Happy Home

New week equals a new theme and this week we have “Raising Joy”. So far in this journey we have learned that the space we occupy is a reflection of us, but also the environment has impact on our own well-being. If home is where the heart is, then we should always have a space that is truly safe, protective, loving and nurturing. It’s our space to relax and feel comfortable. We can always create a happy home if we outwardly create a state that embodies us as people. I think this week is going to be all about how we can raise the vibration in our own homes.