Day 327 - A Year to Clear - Home Blessing Ritual

Photo by  Scott Webb  on  Unsplash

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Lesson 327: Home Blessing Ritual

With the letter written in the previous lesson, we are to use that to bless our home with the following steps:

  • Stand at the main entrance to your home or apartment. If you have two entrances, go the one that is considered the principal entrance even if you don't use it as much or at all.

  • Read your message out loud.

  • Imagine the words washing over (purifying, cleansing) your entire home and property inside and out. Bathe them in love and sparkly golden light.

  • When you feel complete, close your eyes and visualize this love and sparkly golden light expanding out to surround and envelop the entire property.

  • Ask that this bubble of golden light act as a discerning field to filter out anything that does not serve and support your home, property, and all its occupants -- seen and unseen.

  • When you feel complete, bring awareness back to your expanded self standing at the main entrance to your home and open your eyes.


Do you notice a change when you do this? It may not happen straight away but allow the shift to take place and take notice.

I wasn’t home to perform this task today. I did it remotely. I followed the steps and imagined I was standing in the doorway and reading out the words I had written. I filled the home with light and let it surround my apartment building also.

I will see how the feeling of the home goes for the next few days. I would love to see the energy lifted. I guess time will tell.