Day 324 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - You Become Conscious When...

Photo by  Robin Benad  on  Unsplash

Photo by Robin Benad on Unsplash

Lesson 324: You Become Conscious When...

You become conscious when you reach heart of connection. You become transcendent when you reach heart of love. This is where the saints, the masters, the ascended live.
— Sara Wiseman

Today we are to imagine a cup in our minds and this cup is full of love. How much do you see the cup full? Practise this during carrying points of the day and see what messages you receive.

When I looked at my cup, my love looked like a pink shimmery liquid in a tea cup. I could see that it was about 85% full. It’s near the top but not quite. My message was that I am nearly at the point of moving into this transcendent state but I have some more learning to go. I’m nearly there but not quite. The next image was the liquid splashing outwards. I felt like this was something I was to achieve. When I fully reach a heart full of love, then I will be splashing it everywhere for everyone else. I think that’s exciting! To be able to love with a pure heart is something I have always wanted to achieve when I started my spiritual journey. It seems like I’m almost close and will achieve this. I will continue to work on self in order to get there.

What messages did you receive and how full is your cup of love?