The Adventurer Within

Escape with me.
Let your mind be free.
I'll take you to places,
That you've never seen.

Just open your mind.
Let the experience in.
We'll ignite the fire,
That was once dim.

We'll reach out,
So far and wide.
We'll do the unthinkable,
And be at each other's side.

There's no need to stress.
All you need is to believe.
Take a leap of faith,
And let the energy settle in.

Embrace your surroundings.
Let the light shine upon you.
For all there is warmth,
And an abundance to do.

Life is an adventure.
There is so much to seek.
So many places to visit,
And so many people to meet.

It's time to explore
And only you hold yourself back.
Your life can only improve from here.
It's positivity in which you will attract.

So let yourself go.
Don't live in the past.
For all we have is this one life.
Live every day as if it's your last.

© Liana Lopez 2016

A Father's Apology

It has been so long since we last spoke.
What has your life been without me?
Did I ever pass through your thoughts?
I always wonder what your life has come to be.

As I look back on the years,
I regret the words and actions towards you.
I inflicted pain and never understood,
The real impact of what that might do.

I wish I could have been there for all your special moments.
Even helped you when you were lonely and sad.
I gave you the space you needed,
So you could have peace and not remain mad.

I'm older and wiser now.
I'm so proud of the person you've grown into.
I never doubted your ability,
And all the things you could do.

I'm sorry for making you feel bad.

I'm sorry I brought tears to your eyes.
I cannot apologise enough.
The fault was all mine.

I'm sorry for all the wrongdoing towards you.
I never wanted it to be so.
All I can do is my best,
And hope you'll give our connection another go.

I long for the day
When we will meet again
For now, I'll remain patient
And hope, the good feelings don't wane.

For I am your father,
And I'll always be here.
Though we stand so far apart,
To my heart, I'll always hold you dear.

© Liana Lopez 2016