The Adventurer Within

Escape with me.
Let your mind be free.
I'll take you to places,
That you've never seen.

Just open your mind.
Let the experience in.
We'll ignite the fire,
That was once dim.

We'll reach out,
So far and wide.
We'll do the unthinkable,
And be at each other's side.

There's no need to stress.
All you need is to believe.
Take a leap of faith,
And let the energy settle in.

Embrace your surroundings.
Let the light shine upon you.
For all there is warmth,
And an abundance to do.

Life is an adventure.
There is so much to seek.
So many places to visit,
And so many people to meet.

It's time to explore
And only you hold yourself back.
Your life can only improve from here.
It's positivity in which you will attract.

So let yourself go.
Don't live in the past.
For all we have is this one life.
Live every day as if it's your last.

© Liana Lopez 2016

A Trapped Heart

You lured me with your charm,
Conveying perfection in your flaws.
You masked the real you,
A disguise against myself and the world.

What were you seeking?
Playing a flawless facade,
Displaying your appeal,
Smiling slyly for the admiration.

You were not satisfied in yourself.
Your game turned towards me.
What did you want from me?
Another follower to your empty idealism.

Like a lamb to the slaughter,
There was no second thought.
Following a leader's wise words so naturally,
As you led me into the path of destruction.

You shattered me,
Slowly breaking every being that made me.
You wanted to shape me into your perfect woman,
Infiltrating my mind to unveil the worst version of myself.

I was lost and played into the master manipulation.
Naive and eager to be loved.
Feeding you madly with my adoration.
The power you sought now granted.

You controlled my essence.
The keeper of my flame,
Though no one could admire my beautiful flair,
As jealousy urged to come out and play.

For years I did your bidding.
Robotic to your demands.
Were you ever satisfied?
Was your perfect woman complete?

What happened to the girl who dreamed?
She was buried by you.
Her voice was crushed,
Would she ever be saved?

My angels were listening and coming forth,
Freeing me from my sanctioned chains,
Wrecking any foundation you laid,
Slowly destroying the power you upheld.

You didn't understand where they came from.
You didn't understand what they wanted with me.
Ultimately you didn't understand me as a person,
And my dampened light started shining through the cracks.

No one changed me.
Stagnancy was ceasing to over power.
Freedom cried out with belligerent force.
The real me unleashed herself.

The puppet master's reign was coming to an end.
You didn't like what I had become.
When really, this was always me,
You just never could accept it.

You are now just a memory yearning to fade.
My release allows for my true self to conquer.
My heart will learn to love again,
For I am no longer bound by your ties.

© Liana Lopez 2016