A Father's Apology

It has been so long since we last spoke.
What has your life been without me?
Did I ever pass through your thoughts?
I always wonder what your life has come to be.

As I look back on the years,
I regret the words and actions towards you.
I inflicted pain and never understood,
The real impact of what that might do.

I wish I could have been there for all your special moments.
Even helped you when you were lonely and sad.
I gave you the space you needed,
So you could have peace and not remain mad.

I'm older and wiser now.
I'm so proud of the person you've grown into.
I never doubted your ability,
And all the things you could do.

I'm sorry for making you feel bad.

I'm sorry I brought tears to your eyes.
I cannot apologise enough.
The fault was all mine.

I'm sorry for all the wrongdoing towards you.
I never wanted it to be so.
All I can do is my best,
And hope you'll give our connection another go.

I long for the day
When we will meet again
For now, I'll remain patient
And hope, the good feelings don't wane.

For I am your father,
And I'll always be here.
Though we stand so far apart,
To my heart, I'll always hold you dear.

© Liana Lopez 2016