Release Me


Release me from this hell
You place me in agony
Your power inflicts me with pain

I am blinded by you
Too blind to see
Your manipulation controls my mind

I want to hate you
I want you to feel this suffering
You should wield these afflictions

Will I be scarred?
Will I rise above?
Time, an enemy and friend holds this answer

Return me to whom I once was
Set me free to care of one’s self
And then I can find love again


© Liana Lopez 2014

Artwork by

Dark Angel


My heart is filled with darkness.
I am sinking with impurities.
My judgement clouded with hate.

Why do you seek me?
Am I another soldier in your reckoning?
I do not wish to fulfill your needs!

I’m fading away.
The monster within screaming.
Please! Please don’t take me away!

I cannot overcome you
Entrapment is your game.
I’ve succumbed to your lonely path.

You lurk and you taunt me.
My spirit is lost.
My soul is wounded.

I continue your bidding.
Gloom shadows every moment.
Emptiness spirals within me.

I long for the day,
When I have the strength.
The strength to intoxicate you.

You win this time Dark Angel.
You have your moment.
My moment will come.

©  Liana Lopez 2014

One Love

I loved you in a Winter’s dream.
I loved you in a Summer’s fire.
You loved me when the leaves fell.
You fulfilled my one heart’s desire.

The flowers bloomed,
And moons had passed.
We built our foundation,
On memories to last.

We’ve made it through some darkness.
We’ve seen the infectious light.
Our bond will continue to grow,
Through every day and night.

Out of all the people of the universe,
Watched from the stars above,
They found you and placed you next to me,
My one and only true love.

©  Liana Lopez 2013