Dark Angel


My heart is filled with darkness.
I am sinking with impurities.
My judgement clouded with hate.

Why do you seek me?
Am I another soldier in your reckoning?
I do not wish to fulfill your needs!

I’m fading away.
The monster within screaming.
Please! Please don’t take me away!

I cannot overcome you
Entrapment is your game.
I’ve succumbed to your lonely path.

You lurk and you taunt me.
My spirit is lost.
My soul is wounded.

I continue your bidding.
Gloom shadows every moment.
Emptiness spirals within me.

I long for the day,
When I have the strength.
The strength to intoxicate you.

You win this time Dark Angel.
You have your moment.
My moment will come.

©  Liana Lopez 2014