A Message From The Gods

angelic hands

Don't be afraid,
Let me take your hand.
I'll guide you through the depths.
Hold you up, when you can't stand.

Embrace your fear,
For you are strong.
Have faith in me.
By you, I'll do no wrong.

I'm always here,
Buried in your heart.
Just seek me out,
For we are one part.

I'll always listen,
No matter what you may face.
Just open yourself,
And, let me fill that space.

For you are not alone.
I'm always standing by your side,
Through all the happy moments,
Even more so, when you cried.

I'm here to lift you up,
Taking you to greater heights.
The doors of opportunity will open,
When your timing is right.

Together we can conquer,
And, fill your world with love.
We'll make it through your journey,
With help from up above.

© Liana Lopez 2016

I wish, I wish


I wish you thought of me…

… The way I think of you

I wish I was the only one you see…

… But that will never be true

I wish I touched your heart…

… The way you touched mine

I wish we could be together…

… But I’ll get over that in time

I wish you realised what we had…

… And kept me ever so close

I wish you didn’t want to let go…

… And I was what mattered most

I wish you took a chance…

… Because you believed I was worth it

I wish I can stop wishing…

… To allow someone else to see me as perfect

© Liana Lopez 2014

Release Me


Release me from this hell
You place me in agony
Your power inflicts me with pain

I am blinded by you
Too blind to see
Your manipulation controls my mind

I want to hate you
I want you to feel this suffering
You should wield these afflictions

Will I be scarred?
Will I rise above?
Time, an enemy and friend holds this answer

Return me to whom I once was
Set me free to care of one’s self
And then I can find love again


© Liana Lopez 2014

Artwork by http://anndrealeeann.deviantart.com/