Am I an inspiration?

I am just a regular person. I have not contributed anything profound in this world. The more I talk to friends, the more people say I am brave.... Brave to take a big step and go for what I want. To drop everything, and, move to another city after a major life changing event is considered brave. Taking steps that totally uprooted my life from one place and changing it completely in another state seems to impress people. Some people wondered how I did it. I just think, that when you have nothing to lose you have to ask yourself, "why not?".

I don't consider myself to be brave. I got given a certain situation and had to make a choice. Besides being "brave" in moving to a new city, people have mentioned that I am brave in meeting new people. Although I have minimal friends, I have no problem meeting strangers - some of whom will most likely become some of the closest friends I will have in my life. I just think no one is truly alone unless they make themselves that way. I just be myself, target people with common interests and voilà, friends made! Of course, I freaked out about the choice I made about moving to Melbourne but who doesn't have self doubt. I think I have settled in enough, to know that getting where I need to, will slowly progress at a pace I want it to.

What made me realize that I gave people hope was when an old uni friend told me she was inspired by me. I never thought that I would have that impact on others. It was only when she uttered these words that I realized maybe I am an inspiration to others. I don't know how I got to this position, and, I feel like I am instigating positive change in others. I have been given the opportunity to show others that you can go for anything you want if you "just do it". I guess I am making others reassess their lives, and because they watch me do it (triumphing from a devastating situation), then I can only assume they see how easy it can be and they want more for themselves. Life is only hard if you make it hard for yourself. I am trying to keep my life as simple as possible for now.

So, I don't want to sound like a cocky asshole in writing this, but I feel that I am a catalyst for change in others, and, if it wasn't for my major life change, some people would not even begin to compare my situation against theirs. You can't sit around being sad that life hasn't gone according to plan. You need to make the change yourself because no one else is going to do it for you - why would they? You need to live life how you want to. It can be scary but at the end of the day, only you can make yourself happy. Push yourself - that's all I did.


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