Busy, Busy

Photo by  Neven Krcmarek  on  Unsplash

Past few weeks have been super busy for me.

I ended up doing 26 readings in 1 week for practise. And probably more so as friends gained interest and then I did some here and there. It was interesting to know that I had the power to do it. I realised the week before all the readings, I was super tired and felt like I needed to sleep all the time. I feel like this was in prep of all the readings I was about to do. Some of the readings actually gave me energy whilst doing them. It was a good feeling doing that and having people resonate with it.

I went back to Dandenong ranges and did a ritual on the New Moon that occurred. I was with two others as part of my sacred circle and there was a lot of power there. It was a wet, cold day and a heavy fog filled the forest. After we did our spells and meditation, we closed circle and after looking up, the fog cleared. There was a lot of magick in the air and it felt mystical.

For some reason, Nordic music was something I just HAD to find. It was like imperative or else. so here I was asking around and trying to find like proper native sort of tribal music. Turns out, I was to use this music as part of my full moon ritual on 30th April. I opened circle and just danced around with fluidity. It was really uplifting. I did a candle spell to dispel any remnants of self-doubt and to be more open. I also sent love out to the Earth and people I thought that needed it.

Nothing has changed much in my work situation but I feel like everything outside of that is going really well! I’ve been catching up with a lot of people, making new friends, keeping up with my belly dance and meditation groups. I am in a very good place and I am grateful. The wheels are turning and I feel like I have to energy to do things. I am going to place the energy in properly completing my space at home and having a nice living space to come home to. I have completed one section and have another four to go (includes store room). I can’t wait to have it done. Then I will feel more comfortable in having people over.