I'm Nocturnal

Photo by  Lukas Robertson  on  Unsplash

Like most people, I work a 9-5 job. Why is this even a problem? I find I get most creative as the clock strikes midnight. But does that mean I should sacrifice sleep for my creations? Or do I sporadically nap in order to be awake for this creative period? This is my current dilemma. I feel like I have a lot to show the world but in my current regimented work schedule, it hinders what I truly want to do. I feel that straight after work I need to relax so I can switch my mind off though at the same time, I am not creative in the afternoon.

I seem to also lack concentration to even read a book. It’s like I need something so mindless, like some pointless TV show, to grab my attention. So last night, I couldn’t concentrate for hours and I felt that social media pull draw me in. All I could manage was focusing on mindless, pointless crap on Facebook. Then I had to tell myself NO. I tried reading a book but couldn’t concentrate. I tried reading for other people (with my oracle deck) but felt too drained. Then I was stuck in some limbo because I felt like I wasting time. Since I’ve been tackling my book idea for some time, I finally wrote 1 page of it last night. To me, that’s an achievement as I’ve had this book concept since 1/1/16. Small steps towards my grander goal!

I’ve been writing down everything I have accomplished every day in a diary, so I know I am achieving something daily. The past 2 days I have done oracle readings for others and I feel they have helped people move into the right direction. I feel like a lot of people are going through something right now where as I am not. I want to develop this skill, so much so, that I can get clear visions of their future movements. Right now I get fragments and have to interpret the visuals as to what I think it is. With more mediumship classes, I think it will come in time but it’s really exciting. I don’t want to slack off on this area, so even if I manage a reading a day for someone else and I receive feedback, it’ll help me on my way.

I wish I had more time in the day, or a job that allowed me to finish work at 23:00, so I could go straight home to create. I need to fit in my studies as well as learning languages, but managing my time is crucial, so that I get my rest. I think I will have to reside to a few hours after work and then a few before my actual shift, so that I have maybe 4-6 hours crossing over midnight to fully be creative. I’m not sure if that’ll be healthy but small sacrifice for the bigger picture. I will see how I go and maybe it’ll become second nature that I don’t even notice. That’s the hope anyway!