Perth is imminent

Only one month to go.

Why am I going back to Perth you ask? Well, you know how everyone is getting married and it's just that time of the year... I am going to see a good friend get married. I'm going to blubber, I just know it. I am really happy for her. She works hard and cares for many people more than herself so she deserves everything in life.

I have been getting more home sick. Just been thinking about my mum and close friends. I know they are fine but I miss SMSing a mate on a random afternoon and driving to their house to do basically nothing. I really miss my car- #firstworldproblems.

Lucky I get to work out of the Perth office and not take leave. Hopefully I will pack everything up for my mum and get rid of all the crap we don't need. Then the house can be decent for when we want to sell it. After this, I will be travelling to Adelaide - a city I vowed never to step back into but somehow have a reason to go. I get to go for work -yay! I am actually looking forward to this as it's something new for me to do. Seems like a change I would like to embrace. OMG almost quoting company values...

Right now, I am sending hundreds of snapchats to mainly 2 friends who also like making singing videos too. It's a good way to cheer up and laugh which is one thing in life everyone needs! Oh cool Nicola Roberts came on - she is hawt as!

Man, my iPhone sucks. I reset it as my snaps were not sending and now it won't turn on. How will I send snaps? Great! Oh there I go again #firstworldproblems. Taylor Swift will get me through... Joking! Or am I?

As I sit here pondering my trip back to Perth, Gwen Stefani has offered some powerful lyrics: I'm feeling Yummy head to toe (you see me) Ain't got no patience so let's go! I think she's trying to tell me that I'll feel good and when  I get there it'll be sweeeet! And to rip shit up! And when I typed in "Perth is imminent" in google images, it gave me this and I'm totes applying it to myself:


LiLi is coming to stir things up... I won't but it'll be fun because I ain't got no commitments there. Good for me.

This was a random post

Love LiLi