Bellabox - April


Subscribed to another Beauty Box - Bellabox. Was excited about choosing this service because of the brands on offer. I've got to say that I wasn't overly impressed by what I received as I felt it didn't take into consideration my beauty profile.

This is what I received:


I received some comvita facial samples which was ok because it's an expensive brand. I also got a $2 Ulta3 nail polish in burnt orange which I already bought on a prior occasion. There was a DKNY perfume spray which is good for a quick carry spray to freshen up. The heel cushions would be worthwhile but I don't really go clubbin that often to make full use of it. The benefit hello flawless foundation would have been perfect if they didn't send me the darkest colour imaginable. The only item I could benefit from is the OP Therapy Body Hydrator which is a body cream for sensitive skin. It doesn't have the most pleasant smell but is useful because I do get allergic reactions to some products.

I'm hoping this beauty box offers a better range for the month of May as my excitement was dampened by what I got sent. I looked online and found that some people would have received aromatherapy oils which I probably would have liked because I like filling my room with natural, calming scents.

I brought you this post so you could see what was inside and make a judgment on whether you would like it or not. Hopefully next month my beauty profile is taken into consideration when they send me products involving skin colour. Sorry if this seems like a rant but I guess I was expecting more quality when I subscribed to this brand. Will keep you updated once my new beauty box has arrived. Crossing my fingers that May brings some worthwhile products :)


Lush LiLi