Loreal - Glam Shine Reflexion

Had an amazing day today with my bestie and we went to a local market - Conventry Square. Lots of stalls selling make-up and accessories and we found a place selling cheap cosmetics.

I found Loreal's Glam Shine - Reflexion in Sheer Watermelon for $4!!


The brush on this lipgloss is amazing! It's so soft and glides on like a cushion to your lips :) It is probably the weirdest feeling because I am used to sturdy, hard lipgloss brushes but this was smooth and spongey - probably why it's called reflexion because of the way the lip brush flexes to the shape of your lips. It leaves a glittery, light pinky colour on your lips with a non-sticky texture and wet shine look. Perfect for everyday wear or when you're out and about. It also leaves a fruity scent which is refreshing but I couldn't say it was watermelon (probably my sense of taste and smell failing me).


I only bought the one lipgloss because I wasn't fond of the other colours on sale. This lipgloss usually retails for about $10 from regular cosmetic shops and pharmacies.

It was a great find and I wanted to share it with everyone :)

Update: This what the gloss looks like close up


Sorry for the bad image with my bad skin. As you can see its very subtle in colour with a pinky orange tint. It has a soft glitter finish and good for wearing everyday to plump your lips.


In this pic, which I took at work, you can see it's a bit more reddy pink. I guess it depends on the lighting and how many layers you wear but it's not that bright in colour. It's a very soft and natural colour. I like the gloss because you can match it with any sort of make-up and outfit because it's not that bright. It appears like a pinky coral colour in the gloss pot and is not over the top in appearance. Hope my pics give you an idea of what the gloss will look like against your lips and skin tone :)

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