Day 326 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - Pain is the Hardest Passage...

Lesson 326: Pain is the Hardest Passage...

Pain is the hardest passage, then compassion. By the time you have moved into connection, into realizing yourself as one of One, moving into heart of love is the easiest, simplest step. It’s a simple sigh, a breath, and you have shifted into transcendence, bliss, joy.
— Sara Wiseman

In today’s lesson, we are to look at everything around you and just take a deep breath and realise that you are one of One. That through your breath, you can access love at any given time. You can move from pain, compassion and connection to open the fourth passage of the heart to love.

When I closed my eyes I took a few deep breaths. What I did was pulsate my own love energy out. What happened is that I had love energy returned by accessing some trees of as park I visit. I feel beings that aren’t of human nature are always about pure love. They have no reason to hate, and only ever look to us to provide their unconditional love. To have love returned in some of this pure form is beautiful. I don’t really know how what words to use to best describe it.

Having pure energy like that makes me what to be able to hold this kind of space for humans. I find lately that I find niggly things that humans do that make me think how inconsiderate they are. It’s up to people like me to transcend this and help teach people to be better. If I can already move through pain to compassion and then connection easily, and love is the last step, then I got some work to do. I want to act pure of heart and have better understanding of humans. It’s about overcoming this thing we call ego that I need work on – thinking that I deserve better, thinking I am a good person over others etc. I think I need to start on my self-love before I can fully understand – if I can find the bliss within me, then it would make it easier to find it in others.