A Small Step Towards Greatness

It was approximately 3 years ago, a friend let me borrow a book called "Conversations with God". He mentioned how heavy the book was, how it would impact me hard and it would help me when I was ready. With everything going on lately, I decided that I was ready to begin the journey that will help guide me to a better way. I didn't want to feel defeated anymore. It was a small/huge step in my path to better my self.

To begin, I'm not a religious person. I believe there has to be a higher being or many gods to have created this universe, but I am in no way inclined to religious teachings, or spreading any kind of word of God. This book isn't just for people that believe in one God, many Gods or nothing at all, it's for anyone who want some insight on creating the better version of themselves.

The ultimate message within the book reads of love. The power of love is all your need. Whether you're spreading love, receiving love, doing what you love, loving yourself, I took away the message that love is the key to everything. But how can such a simple concept be the ultimate decider in your life?

With love, you can bring joy and happiness to yourself and those around you. It can heal yourself and heal others. It's pure, unconditional and unlimited. There is nothing stopping you from loving. It can be as simple as giving a homeless person your spare change because in that moment you loved them enough to want to help their needs. If you see your friend having a bad day, you love them to lend an ear to their issues and help them through it. When you need a little "me time" and you listen to your favourite song, you love the singer for creating words and music to help you relax. Love flows through everything. We don't always consciously think that way and it's about recognising this positive notion that pushes down any negativity.

It talks about how to be the better version of yourself. In order to be this better version, you need to love your self. It's about some inner reflection and working towards the person you want to be. Searching your soul for answers and building the life that you want to lead. Reaching a higher state of consciousness that makes you self aware. Conceiving your ideas, creating your ideas and then experiencing your ideas. It's heavily focused on this trinity.

Picture the person you want to be. Are you there yet? If not, why not? What's stopping you? You might fill this space with a range of excuses but essentially, you're stopping your own self. Sometimes you just need to be asked this so you can wake up. We're all described as sleepwalkers, readily going about our routine with no other cares in the world and we all need to WAKE UP! Wake up to the person you want to be. We can all do it!

So now you've got the picture in your mind of who you want to be it's time to create! What do you need to do in order to be this image in your mind? Do you need to seek help from friends? Do you need to dedicate time to an activity to get there? Do you need to live a better, healthier lifestyle? Whatever it is, do what you need to do to get there! You basically created a picture in your mind of what you would love to be doing for yourself, it will be what you love so much that you will spread that love onto others. Being an advocate for love can be so easy.

And finally, the final piece of the trinity = experiencing. We weren't placed in this universe to just live a life from teachings taught from school, parents and work. We weren't placed here to just go get a job, buy a house, have a family. I am in no way condemning someone for wanting that in their life but this book teaches that we are so much more than this. We need to feed our inner self and inner soul through experience, otherwise we're just mindless bodies doing mundane tasks without any second thought. If you've always loved the idea of writing, then why aren't you feeding your soul the experience of writing? If you love the idea of starting your own business, why aren't you feeding your soul the experience of building your business? If you've loved the idea of modelling, then why aren't you creating your image and then seeking to experience modelling? So many questions to ask yourself. We live for experience. We're not here to live through a set of guidelines that we've been taught growing up. We need to take a step back, search our self for the person we want to be in order to conceive, create and experience.

I urge anyone to read this book. It's much like a self help book. Even read a self help book you've always eyed but never had the courage to read. The idea is to expand your mind to a better way of thinking. Who doesn't want to be the better version of themselves? Sometimes you need that advice from a source you wouldn't have imagined would have the answer for you.