Aloha Kitchen Breakfast

Whilst traveling to Hawaii, Aloha Kitchen was one of the final places my friend and I got the pleasure of visiting.

Aloha Kitchen is famous for their souffle pancakes and my traveling partner wanted to check it out. Souffle pancakes did sound interesting and although I am easily swayed by sweets, I really wanted something savoury that morning. The menu has a small range and we went for breakfast. I was not disappointed in my choice and went for the daily special which was Eggs Benedict with crab. My friend went for the Banana Chocolate Souffle Pancake. We also both shared a large fruit bowl.

When the food came out, I was impressed and in awe. I have to say the Banana pancakes were enticing and I was a bit jealous. They were covered in chocolate sauce, strawberries, cream and banana. It was also monstrous in size and I imagine it would take a fair effort to finish. I would probably share this challenge if I ever were to order one myself. I did try some of this pancake and loved how fluffy it was. It was soft and not a heavy pancake to eat.


The eggs benedict came with salad, fried potatoes, crab meat, poached eggs and copious amounts of hollandaise sauce. It looked amazing and tasted great too! The only criticism I have is that the yolk of the poached eggs did not ooze out like it normally would so they were probably overcooked slightly.

What I also love about Hawaii was the amount of fresh fruit and the pineapple seems so much sweeter over there. The staff were friendly (some even fluent in Japanese) and the decor was simple but it doesm't need to be over the top because you're really there for the experience of souffle pancakes (or in my case eggs benedict). It can be easily missed if walking along the street as it sits next to a tattoo parlour and not really noticeable. I hope more people share reviews so that this cafe can gain more visitors because it truly was a great experience.


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