Savvy by DB - Mint Julep & Blue Bayou



I decided to share some more pretty coloured nail polish - DB Savvy Mint Julep and Blue Bayou. Mint seems to be everywhere still - as well as every pastel colour.

Mint Julep looks more baby blue rather than Mint to me but I still like how it paints.



Blue Bayou is a light blue glitter nail polish with few bits of silver chunky glitter parts in it. You do have to paint quite a few coats in order to get enough amounts of glitter out of it.  Probably not the best nail polish to wear on it's own.

I decided to paint 2 coats of Mint Julep as the base and Blue Bayou in a diagonal direction. Took me at least 3 coats to get a light glitter stroke against the mint.

I feel like these are Cinderella nails or at least Princessy :) They do look very dainty and girly.

Now I just need a special place to go to to show these off!



Lush LiLi