Coolest Find of the month - July

Sorry that I have been away for so long! It's been a combination of laziness, life stress and socialcam addiction.

Not to worry because I have a friend from socialcam that showed off his Remix Watch and I was instantly intrigued. Basically he was showing off his outfit of the night which included this watch that lights up with different colours. It's a flashing LED light and perfect to make a statement in the clubs. I absolutely love the idea of my watch flashing ALL the colours so I had to check it out.

The great thing about this watch is that you can pop out the face of the watch and switch it over to another coloured band. That means over 100 colour combinations! It's also unisex and waterproof.

There are currently 2 different sets on sale. The time bomb collection features the standard face with LED illumination. There is currently 12 different bands on offer with prices US$44.95-$49.95.

The Rox collection features the analog face with encrusted Swarovski crystals. I personally liked this collection more as I liked the crystals on the face of the watch. It comes in 11 colours at US$54.95. I bought a pink and white watch from this collection.

In addition to this, Remix Watches currently have their plain bands on special for US$9.95 down from $19.95. In order to mix up your watches, you'd have to buy a few plain bands. I bought black, purple and red to mix with my pink and white faces.

I managed to find a discount code that worked - FOLLOW25. This gave me 25% off the total and somehow managed to score free shipping to Australia. The store is based in the US and it states free domestic shipping so wasn't sure if my total was a mistake but I'll take it!

Will most likely post some vids up on my socialcam when I receive the watches. Am very excited and thought it was a reasonably priced watch with a funky look.

Hope you liked this watch special! I think it's a good gift idea if you are stuck for a present :)