Exclusif Rose


I received the Rose Exclusif from my freebie grab on this post.

The premise behind the lipgloss is that it reacts with your lips pH level and adapts its colour. From the promotional pic above, it shows the shades that be achieved from this lipgloss.

So, I decided to take pictures on 2 separate occasions to see if I could achieve different results and this is what happened.

2nd May:


As you can see, this lipgloss was a darker shade of pink when I wore it. It was a very bold dark pink. When I initially wore it, I remember that it was lightly glossed with a hint of pink and was shocked when I got home to find how dark it was because it did not suit what I was wearing in the slightest - I was wearing a mustard colour dress. I can't remember what I ate or drank that day as I'm sure if would attribute to the colour.

18th May:


So today, I decided to take a picture first thing when I got up and I haven't eaten yet. As you can see, the colour is quite light, almost clear. I prefer this shade as it can be worn with any sort of outfit. The colour hints subtlety and also gives a natural look.

So, I can honestly say that this lipgloss will give you mixed results. I have read online by other users, that if you mix this with a lipstick or another lipgloss, then you can achieve a colour you want. If you want to wing it and be surprised by the results, I say just wear it and see where it takes you throughout the day :)

The lipgloss is meant to give you a unique colour to match your skin tone. I think it does that but also at the same time changes colour when food and drink are factored in. I wouldn't be surprised if it changed colour based on your mood too! It definitely is made to moisturize your lips so that is definitely a bonus!


For Australian customers, it can be found at Priceline, Target or pharmacies for $22. I managed to find a website that sold it for cheaper - Pharmacy Direct for $15.40.

For UK customers, I found Boots and SuperDrug selling it for £7.69.

For Canadian customers, the Bourjois website says that you can make your purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart for $20.

For US customers, I searched high and low for this! I see that Bourjois is no longer selling in retail stores in the US. Even Amazon did not sell this lipgloss. Asos was a sure thing for US $12.16 until it read out of stock! But, I managed to find Pharmamundi selling it for US$12.95 with free shipping with orders over $25 using coupon NEW2012. I couldn't find any other website that sold this lipgloss. Many sites offer Bourjois in general but not the Rose Exclusif.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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