Handy Nail Polish Remover Tip

I find that when ever I use cotton pads and nail polish remover, that the remover will dry up fast on the cotton pad. I will also generally rub the cotton pad hard on my nails to try and get the coats off but this damages my nails and rips them to shreds therefore ruining the condition of my nails. I will actually see my nails shredding at hanging off the main part of the nail which is totally not good at all!

What I have discovered - by randomly stumbling upon it- was to use make up remover towelettes with the nail polish remover.


I found that this was a faster and healthier way to remove nail polish from my finger tips. Not only does the towelette hold the nail polish remover liquid but when I rubbed hard, the nail polish came right off in about 5 strokes. I noticed that this did not damage my nails at all.

I haven't actually researched to see if other people have done this. The only reason why I discovered it was because I was literally too lazy to walk to the bathroom and get a cotton pad, so I used the towelette because I had it in my room.

I am in no way a professional to say that this is a healthier option for nails. I just found it worked much better and faster whilst you use less nail polish remover because the make up towelette holds the liquid for longer. I found it didn't damage my nails at all and will continue to use this method to remove nail polish.

Try it out and let me know what you think. I thought it was a handy tip and wanted to share it with everyone as I'm sure for some people out there, you wouldn't have thought to try it. :D

It will change your beauty life!

Lush LiLi