Coolest Find of the Month - April

Panda Pen by De-Coy

Do you ever hate when your mascara, eye liner or eye shadow does this:

Your eye liner, eye shadow or mascara runs onto your face giving you a panda like look. Most of the time you wouldn't notice unless you went to freshen up.

Well, to avoid this, De-Coy have made a convenient make-up remover pen called the Panda Pen. They have easy to use steps here.

It should have you looking fabu again in no time.

It does cost AU$29.95 and you can buy direct from the website internationally with a Paypal account.

I realise that this product is not the cheapest but I had to share it because you can carry it with you anywhere and easily touch up when you need to.

It is perfect for people with sensitive skin and not tested on animals. I also like how it is marketed because they have a sense of humour about it.

~~**0o0 Lush LiLi 0o0**~~