Fab Finds from Jay Jays

Went to Harbour Town in Perth again... Was actually going there to buy Birthday presents when my boyfriend asked me to buy him shorts. LiLi steps in Jay Jays. 2 hours later I come out with an assortment of clothing, some of which I will share below.



Please excuse my dodgy photos and the fact that I did not iron my clothes. They do look better in real life. :D


Problem: Jay Jays had a sale - 50% off the already marked down clothing.

This meant the Ladies T-shirts costs $2.50. The most I paid for the Men's T-Shirts was $6. The skirts I purchased only cost $5.

You do have to dig a little because the clothes are literally piled onto one another on tables and they are mountains of clothing. They do stock from size 6-16 for women and go from XS-XXL for Men.

Sales and LiLi mix very well. It just means LiLi spends way too much money. In total bought 8 articles of Women's Clothing, 5 Men's tops and 2 Hello Kitty Watches and it cost me all up approx $60. Thought it was a killer bargain day!

If you got the time, spend as much as you can really hunting for some clothes that you like. Currently, I like to go for patterned clothing. I should also note, that Jay Jays were selling jeans and denim shorts for like $10 but I couldn't be bothered trying them on.

~~**0o0 Lush LiLi 0o0**~~