My Favourite Perfume Right Now!

Moroccan Rose Eau de Toilette

My Sister bought this as a Christmas present and I love it to bits!

You know that nice aromatic smell you get after you have had a full body massage and you want that scent to linger a bit longer because it is so relaxing? Well this perfume is your answer.

It's a light scent that is very soothing and makes you happy because it is enriching a the same time. It captures the rose essence but also has a vanilla and musky smell. It is fragrant and sweet and I believe it to be stress relieving.

It costs AU$31.95 from Body Shop and you can buy off the website with Free Shipping with over $150 spent or go to your local store and grab it.

Definitely a highly recommended perfume!

~~**0o0 Lush LiLi 0o0**~~