Coolest Find of the Month - December

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Thought this was an awesome find because it's convenient for any girls wanting to glam up their finger nails.

The common misconception with this product, is that people assume it is nail stickers. They are actually nail polish strips. Yes, this means they are made out of real nail polish.

The range offers 24 different designs and lasts up to 10 days. It also can be removed with regular nail polish remover.

You could probably match this nail polish with some Violent Lips from my previous post Coolest Find of the Month from November.

The cost of this product is approximately AU$14.95 or on sale at $11.95. You can buy these strips at your local beauty stores such as Priceline or retail stores such as Target or KMart. Alternatively, there are online websites such as BeautyHeaven or Ebay that do sell it.

The reviews I have read swear by this product! It's an easy application and take approximately 10 minutes.

You can purchase this yourself or buy it for someone who appreciated nail products. It's a guaranteed way to avoid chipping!

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