Day 26 - A Year to Clear - Move It

Photo by  Jazmin Quaynor  on  Unsplash

Lesson 26: Move It

Today's lesson has me moving 1 item without judging myself as bad or the item bad. Just 1 item for 1 minute to move some stuck energy. 

I wanted to clean up my dressing table and looking at it made me a bit overwhelmed so I did something simpler. I washed the dishes. I tend to pile up dishes and then not want to do them. It seems such a simple task for others but it's really hard for me to do sometimes. So I just did it without too much thought. I knew I couldn't let it pile up any longer because I know I'd be overwhelmed later if I didn't. Apart from this, I also moved some empty containers from my bathroom. I also have a tendency to just leave empty containers in my bathroom without moving them to the recycling bin. The whole time I did those tasks, I had to tell myself "You can do it". And the relief I felt afterwards!

That's about all I can muster today. It's a public holiday here in Australia and I'm just tired at the moment. I haven't had good sleep lately and want to just rest today and not do much. The most I am doing is these blog posts and then Netflix. No obligations and just wanting to chill. Happy Friday!

Day 26 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - Dreams

Photo by  Agnieszka Boeske  on  Unsplash

Lesson 26: If you have already started...

Today's lesson has me thinking about how the Universe set me onto my path, if it has already go me onto the path of pursuing my dreams and to make a list of the people who have helped create my dreams.

If my dream is to become a writer, the one person who has encouraged me to achieve this goal, is my best mate Brett. He has always told me to write every day, even if it's not much but just to get something down. Now I haven't been doing this, until now with these 365 day challenges and blog posts. I used to write poems every day in some notebooks but after what seemed like a succession of unfortunate events, I lost my spark. Even though me keeping this online journal is not writing in the sense of a book, I feel like its good practise to continue into something bigger as I'm made to write every day about the lesson at hand. Every now and then I will post a poem on my blog. Not forced poems but whatever comes at the time. 

Another person who has encouraged me to write is my mate Nasiha. I remember some time ago, I told her I have nothing to write about. And she was like "nooooo, your journey is worth documenting". So that's why I also took on these 365 day challenges because I feel like they are part of my journey and it forces me to write every day. I didn't think my journey was worth documenting. Heck, I don't think many people read my blog but I figure if someone out there might resonate and want to know how to I'm going on my spiritual path and my year to clear, whether that be a stranger or friend, then it's worth it right?

I feel like my spiritual path has been part need and part dream. The universe encouraged me on this path and let me remember the person I wanted to be. My mate Joanna continues to encourage me in this path. That me growing into the person I am meant to be is going to be a continuous knowlege ride but it's who I truly am. I guess it's nice to know someone out there supports you in your witchcraft and light work without judgement. I know it's just an extension of me and I'm looking forward to whom i become. I know I want to help people in this path. So, I feel like it's all good things that are going to happen, if I work hard for it.