Day 25 - A Year to Clear - Move Stuck Energy

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Lesson 25: VIDEO - Move Stuck Energy

I'm a bit late with my post because I got busy. I did it half way but didn't have time to write what I felt. This lesson had a video of Stephanie Bennett Vogt reiterating that clutter is essentially stuck energy. All those feelings of discomfort when trying to face a task is just stuck energy we need to release. We tend to see clutter as something we need to fix and manage ASAP when we should really clear in the present moment and clear for good. It's not about the desired outcome but how we relate to the experience. We relate to the experience as an observer and this is opening up our awareness by feeling it. We need to tune into our 6 senses (6th being intuition) without judgement and feel with our hearts. This is how we release stuck energy.

I was to go into my closet and pick up an item that wasn't working for me and notice the sensations from this item. I was supposed to pick up clothing but I did a recent massive clean out that I feel this doesn't apply at this time. I picked up a set of candles still in their packaging and sat with it for a moment. I asked myself why I still had these and if they had any use. I concluded that I will use them in my witchcraft. Their original purpose was for decorating a room, but since I left that house, the original use doesn't apply. I will repurpose them. I noticed my feelings around the object was a rush to get an answer as to what to do with them. I need patience. Stephanie mentions, "it's not about getting it done, it's about getting IT". Much to learn.

After watching the video, we are supposed to log this into our journal:
What I noticed this time I went into my closet (versus the last time I did it in Lesson 17) was ___________
Some of the shifts I'm noticing now from "slow dripping" awareness into my daily clearing practice are ___________

My answers are:
What I noticed this time I went into my closet (versus the last time I did it in Lesson 17) was I felt like it will take time but I'll get there.
Some of the shifts I'm noticing now from "slow dripping" awareness into my daily clearing practice are releasing lifts a massive weight off my shoulders and I feel lighter in my mind.

Day 25 - A Year of Spiritual Awakening - Consider Your Age

Lesson 25: Consider your age...

Today’s lesson is to consider one’s age. I am to consider my age in relation to my dreams and how old I think I’ll live. How much time do I think I need, or do I want, and do I have enough time left?

I am 33 years old and I believe I’m only really coming into my “self” now. I didn’t do much in my 20s, though that was based out of my limiting relationship. I have learned to recognise that those events played out how they were supposed to, in order for me to be the person I am today. I think I used to worry about all the opportunity I had missed but I’ve learned that it’s never too late to start a dream. I think a lot of people tend to think that way - “oh I’ve missed my opportunity”, “oh I’m too old to start now” etc etc. I am not sure why we think this way. I see 40+ year olds speaking about how they started working towards their dreams later on in life and being successful. Why are we limiting to ourselves with age?

I believe I have many years to live. I think I will at least get to 75, meaning I have over 40 years to actually do something with my life. 40+ years is a long time if we really think about it. I have a dream to write a book series. I remember loving to write when I was younger but it never really stuck in my teenage years nor 20s. One new year – believe it was 2016, the idea for a book came flooding in, literally out of nowhere. I wasn’t thinking about writing a book series and something was sending me the concept. I haven’t even really started writing it because I need to develop my characters, though I have faith that I will get this done. I’ve had different readers tell me that I will achieve this in the upcoming years, so I know what I need to do to achieve this reality.

Apart from writing, I am trying to remember all my dreams from when I was younger. I know I want to travel the world and I have plenty of time to do that. I want to do more dance classes as it was something I enjoyed in high school, and I am slowly incorporating this into my life. I am learning spiritual work and witchcraft, which was something I was interested in back in high school also, and it’s now the most prominent thing in my life. All I personally have to do is remember… Remember the person I wanted to be and achieve it now. I am not allowing age to limit me in achieving what I am meant to do. It’s part of why I take on these 365 day challenges, to force habit of writing every day so that it flows into my everyday life. And you shouldn’t let your age, limit you either.