Day 323 - A Year to Clear - House Blessing

Lesson 323: House Blessing

When you come in. . . may all the weight of the world fall from your shoulders.
— John O'Donohue, Bless the Space Between Us

Today we are to enter a room or just your home and say out loud the quote above. You can even add your name to the front it and notice the difference. How do you feel when you say those words out loud?

The following days has a new theme applied for “blessing your home”. To me, I feel like this is about the appreciation for the space you live in. To leave your worries behind at the door and look around at the blessings you have within the home.

When I said those words out loud, I actually felt lighter. I felt like the weight of the world was actually gone. How can words have so much impact? Maybe because I believed in them, it changed my thoughts to less stressful and into relaxation? I am not sure, but if it takes a simple practise like those words to make me feel lifted when I enter a room or get home from work, then I am going to adopt this and allow myself to let go.