Starting all over again

It's been a long time and I see that it's almost one year since I used this blog. Well.... I guess I haven't really felt like blogging and dedicated my time to writing my thoughts and going through a roller coaster year which you can read about on

I've decided to scrap all my videos mainly because they were so amateur in comparison to what it could be and decided to focus on posting photos of my outfits based from my Instagram. Most of my outfits will be based around Black Milk, because hey, they make good quality clothing that is affordable for most people and I feel great wearing what they have to offer. Yes, I may not be original but, every day I meet people who have no idea bout the brand and admire the clothing I wear. I may offer something original in my styling and I based my styling from seeing people in the streets of Melbourne.

I hope to post a few times a week as well as sharing my thoughts on my other blog and post more poetry on my tumblr account -

So bear with me as I light a fire up my ass and get this thing cracking again. Not here to gain followers but maybe give someone a chance in feeling good in what they wear with the chances I take in how I dress.